XMPP Server

XMPP stands for "eXtensible Messaging and Prescence Protocol". It is often referred to as "Jabber" after the original Jabber.org service, which is still operational today.

XMPP is an instant messaging protocol. If you don't know what Instant Messaging is, think along the lines of AIM or ICQ. Unlike AIM or ICQ, however, XMPP is an "open protocol" (meaning any software developer is free to create software supporting it without risk of legal ramifications) and allows you to chat with people on other XMPP servers. For instance, you can register an account on Jabber.org and message someone on jabber.otr.im.

For the XMPP service hosted here, there is no registration form, but you still need to register an account. You can register using any chat client that supports XMPP. The server details are below.

Server xmpp.proudtobeapastafarian.com
Port: 5222
User name: you@proudtobeapastafarian.com
* Replace "you" with your desired name
* Do not include the "xmpp." part after the @ symbol -- it should just be @proudtobeapastafarian.com
Password: whaterver you want your password to be