Social Network

Please note that availability the social network will, for the time being, be sporadic. I am currently trying to troubleshoot some performance issues on the server. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

The social network provided here uses Friendica, which has many of the same features as Facebook, Twitter, and others, but is entirely independent of the other networks. It is also able to "federate" with other open source social networking platforms (Mastodon, Diaspora*, etc.) so that you can communicate with your non-Pastafarian friends.

Click here to go to the social network.

Please note that the ability to connect with certain other networks (including Twitter) is disabled; these networks require a special "key" that I can't get without signing up for an account -- something I won't do due to privacy conerns. However, if someone else is willing to provide the keys necessary, I will gladly enable support for these other networks; please note that Facebook integration is currently not possible, even with a key (see here).