Mumble Server

Mumble is an open source voice chat system -- think along the lines of Ventrilo, Team Speak, or Discord. It is primarily intended for gaming, but it can be used for general voice conversations and text chat.

Keep in mind that Mumble is not encrypted, so don't discuss anything you wish to keep private. I am working on setting up a Jitsi Meet server for encrypted voice and video; in the mean time, you can use the official Jitsi Meet server if that interests you.

You can download the official Mumble client from here, with versions available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS. 3rd-party clients are available for Android and iOS (search the Play Store or App Store for "mumble").

If you don't want to install the client, you may use this web-client (requires a modern browser with HTML5 support).

If you choose to install the client (recommended), add a new server and plug the details below:

Label Pastafarian Mumble Chat
Port 64738
User name Anything appropriate and reasonably piraty!